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July 1, 2014
Nuestras amigas y colaboradoras de Room Service Design , nos ofrecieron la oportunidad esta semana pasada de hacerle una entrevista personal al[...]
June 1, 2014
Llega el verano, el calor y en la City todos buscamos ese Oasis que nos deje respirar de la poluciĆ³n, de los aires acondicionados y que nos[...]
April 29, 2014
There are many cool things about California, the sun , the beach, their festivals and its Artist. Today we want to share with you this amazing[...]
March 17, 2014
If we could transport ourselves to the early 1900 , we could live in the real Eixample, 250sq meter house facing an amazing back patio and the front[...]
January 22, 2014
Nowadays the Brazilian architectural landscape is as varied as its cultural richness. Brazil is a land is known for being festive and colourful,[...]